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Gigglepot Photography specialise in newborn, baby, toddler, children and family  professional photography.   Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we are a husband and wife team, who compliment each other’s skills perfectly.  My husband, James Baker, is the very talented, award winning, photographer and I am Meredith Baker and I do “everything else”. I assist James at all the shoots, hold newborns, set props up, cuddle babies, change props, make toddlers giggle, change blankets….and…laugh with children…what can I say – I love my role in Gigglepot Photography!  I’m the smile behind the emails, the voice behind the phone calls and the organiser behind the scenes.  I’m the first in line for any spew, wee or poop and the one who cleans all the wraps, props and blankets after each shoot.  I also do all the post shoot editing and design.  It’s quite fair to say it wouldn’t work if we didn’t have each other.

James is such a good dad and has a knack for capturing the very essence of childhood in his photographs. After snapping photos of our own four gigglepots over the last nine years we thought it’s only fair we share our passion, joy and talent for capturing newborns, babies, toddlers and children with the rest of Adelaide and with you!

We love to photograph children at any stage of their precious life but through years of experience, we have found for truly tremendous photographs the following ages & stages work best; Newborn 2-10 days old, Babies, 3-4 months and again at 7-8 months, Toddlers 12-14 months of age.  Older children are great to snap at any age and as they grow so fast we recommend a photo session at least every 18 months.

Enjoy browsing our galleries and contact us today to book your photo session with Adelaide’s award winning, professional family photographer, Gigglepot Photography.


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