Time Out… for mum!

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Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the baby shower of a close friend.  Not your every day baby shower, it was a quiet, low key intimate lunch at a beautiful restaurant, with fine wine, lots of laughs, great food and really great company.  No games, no nappies filled with peanut butter or lengths of toilet paper, guessing the girth of mum to be; just pure unadulterated indulgence and a chance to unwind.

The mum to be isn’t new to motherhood, she is expecting her third child, in fact, between all of the guests, we have 23 children, ranging in age from 6 weeks to 11 years.  Needless to say, all versed in what it means to be a mummy, we had nothing short to talk about.  More than that, it was a chance for us to take a break from the mundane, a chance to feel normal, to be open and honest about the pitfalls of parenthood, a chance to laugh, compare stories, talk about being a mum and not have anyone gloss over the negatives or sugar coat the many difficulties motherhood brings.  In short, it was refreshing and far more therapeutic than any well intentioned parent book.  To be able to speak without fear of judgment, was nothing short of fabulous!

Otherwise tired eyes would shine a sigh of relief with that look of “I know! me too!” when someone mentioned a moody 3 year old…. or to have sympathy and advice about knits at school, rather than a polite smile whilst taking 3 steps back. This group of remarkable, strong, intelligent women, whom I have the honor of being considered a part of, restore my faith in womankind.  I am so over these parent battles of right and wrong.  Why can’t women support each other?  Why can’t women help without judgement?

Mothers, no matter how old, how many children, rich or poor, single or married – we all have one goal in common….to get our child/ren from one day to the next alive and happy.  It’s a bonus if they’re clean and well mannered.  If more mothers were honest with each other, there wouldn’t be so much pressure to conform to the unrealistic ideals of what society and media dictate as to what it means to be the perfect mum.

I truly believe that if you haven’t been glared at by a 3 year old, had a door slammed in your face by a 10 year old or silently cried at least once in the car, shower, toilet or other newly considered refuge, then you’re not doing it right!  Go easy on yourself, you’re all they’ve got and when the time comes for them to be parents the light bulb will go on and it will be their biggest “ah-hah!” moment they’ll ever have.

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Newborn Photography

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Since starting Gigglepot Photography I have held over 100 babies! Literally giving me hands on experience when it comes to knowing the best age to photograph your baby.

If you have done your research, you’ll probably know that before 10 days is the best age to capture their newness. Why? Because after that they lose their newborn look. You probably know that too. But, what do we mean by that “newborn look”. Well, it’s the perfectly timed blend of their time out of your womb and our skills in recreating that womb like feel.  

In a nutshell, there’s a very small window of opportunity where we can do what we do easily, calmly, gently all without upsetting your baby.

No doubt you want the most perfect, most adorable pose of your baby’s very first photo and if you’re looking forward to sharing your gorgeous baby with the world then you’ve probably searched a million baby newborn photography sites, saved countless images, pinned them on your “baby photo ideas” board, saved them to your phone, cut them from magazines and saved many announcement cards from other friends and family who have had their baby professionally photographed. I know the photos you mean… photos of them curled up, fast asleep, in a cocoon, hanging in a sling, head resting on hands… blissful, sleepy, tiny, wrinkled… the list goes on.  

We take a lot of these images and as different as each baby is that we photograph, one thing remains the same for all of these types of shoots… the baby is always younger than 10 days (or premmie adjusted).   

To achieve these photos the first requirement is a very sleepy baby and the younger the baby, the sleepier the baby.  It takes a good week before most babies are alert.  With a very sleepy baby, we are able to curl them, wrap them and mould them in to many different poses, without them minding – they’re used to this kind of movement and tight wrapping inside the womb.  They will stay curled up, they will stay still while posing. They also don’t mind being nude or on their tummies – which also allows for the range of images we achieve from out newborn shoots.  As well as a super warm studio, we also provide some hints and tips on how to prepare for your baby for their session, so we are able to achieve the best possible poses in as little time as possible.

To give you a visual; below is an image of Charlie at 4 days old, 14 days old and 4 weeks old. We were able to achieve a lot more poses with his 4 day old shoot, simply because he was sleepy and not as alert as he was at 14 days old.

Newborn Photography Progression of Age

Here’s what some of our mummy’s have had to say about our sessions and their photos:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday, we haven’t stopped talking about the way you work as a team and how you are totally the baby whisperer the way you move them around and position them without them waking up!!


Thank you – these are beautiful! We actually really enjoyed the (maternity) photoshoot despite my initial reluctance – so thank you to you and James for this. Thank you again – your work is really lovely and I’m so glad Allison told us about Gigglepot!


Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!!! I absolutely love them all – please thank James also, I’m ecstatic, and forever in Emily’s debt for such an amazing gift!!!! THANKS again. Will definitely recommend you to others!


Can I start off by saying every single photo was absolutely beautiful. I am so happy with your service and the time that you spent with Mark was fantastic. Once again thank you very much for capturing this stage in my sons life so beautifully.


Can’t recommend Meredith & James more highly.  Not only do they take amazing photos, but the patience and persistence they have to give their client what they want is above and beyond… I have used them several times and can assure this kind of service isn’t just a once off.  Thank you Gigglepot xxx


So, if you are considering a newborn photoshoot and you want images that show them little, new, curled, sleepy, with an abundance of poses, then my advice would be the best time to book is while you are still pregnant…. that way we know to expect your call when your bundle has arrived and you are prepared to visit us in the first week.  Trust me – it’s never too early to ring and book!

Call us today on 8321 9211 or 0411 241 137 or email meredith@gigglepot.com.au.


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Date Night….. after kids!

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As you probably all know today is Valentine’s Day and yes, it’s become a bit of a non-event since having kids as far as chocolates, flowers and candlelit dinners… but in it’s place is something much bigger, gifts and cards filled with more love than you could ever imagine.  Crafty gifts, made by my kids, for no-one else but me, with nothing but total unconditional love and utter adoration for the receiver.

Some say romance can die a little when  you have kids, but I disagree.  It’s just a different kind of romance.  You are raising a family, with the man you chose to parent with … a bunch of little mini you and hims… what could be more romantic than that?  The very definition of romance is to feel excitement and mystery associated with love and whilst a certain level of mystery has disappeared between you both as a couple, especially after having a child, there is bountiful mystery surrounding your family and how it changes and grows every day!

We have four beautiful children, all going through different stages in their little lives.  Ethan is the eldest and whilst he has been through what the others are now going through, he is the first to experience the next big stage… currently, he is in his ‘senior’ year at primary school and he loves the fact he’s made it to the top of the school and will be off to middle school next year.  There will be tears, memories and love all around when he graduates this year.  Jack, he’s the year below Ethan and has just started to discover his love of art and creation… he made numerous Valentine’s gifts for his family, all from the heart and all with his vivid imagination, unique to each of us.  Annabel has started Junior Jazz and is starting to find her feet and rhythm for dance… she loves her time away from the boys and thrives on the new friendships she makes.  Charlie, well – he’s our littlest and yesterday brought home his first Valentine’s Day craft from Childcare… a gorgeous heart shape made with his two tiny feet.  So precious!  It’s little things like this that keep the mystery and excitement alive in our family!

I’m not saying we don’t like time alone together anymore, on the contrary, having children makes us appreciate the quiet times we rarely have alone, we put time and effort into our ‘dates’.  If for no reason, other than the difficulty of getting a babysitter, having time on our own doesn’t happen very often, so for us our dates have become about quality rather than quantity and personally, I prefer quality.

When time is short and life moves fast, it’s helpful to have some quick tips in your back pocket to keep the spark alive, so… along the theme of Valentine’s Day after kids, I came across this interesting read with 20 hints on how to keep the love and romance alive in your relationship, while the family romance coasts happily along :)

Date Night Hints and Tips

Have a read and keep a few tricks up your sleeve for the love in your life – better still, leave the article somewhere for your other half to read!

Wedding BW


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Happy New Year


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Welcome to 2015!  What a busy, wonderful year 2014 was!  For the last week of the year we visited family in Canberra and had a much needed break – unplugged, tuned off and in a total state of relaxation. We did take the camera – but for family pics only – here’s our sun kissed, pool drenched awesome foursome on New Year’s Day! _04C9794FB

This year is going to be a year of change, full of challenges and rewards!  Already I have changed our colour theme and logo.  Soon we will be giving our website a face lift and uploading all of our best images from 2014.   We have a planning day set with a to do list as long as my arm!  I am excited to introduce a new package and pricing structure, purchase options direct from your gallery, personal & individualised photoshoots, new products, props and inclusions with all shoots, projects with clients, mini sessions and much, much more!

My sister, Emily, will be joining our team.  Emily and FrancisShe has 3 children and with her middle baby, Joseph, starting school this year she has a lot more time to devote  to Gigglepot!  Joseph was our first official gigglepot baby…. so it’s quite symbolic that as he moves on to bigger and better things, Emily  helps Gigglepot introduce bigger and better things.   The wonderful creator behind a  lot of our beanies &  pants, Emily is a super star with a crochet hook….give   her an idea and it will be crocheted in no time at all.  She will be helping  me personalise our newborn photoshoots!

This year I will also be working on a few projects that have been in the back of my mind for a while, I like nothing more than being creative and thinking outside the box and with James at the ready with his camera, he’s going to be put to task with my little projects – which I am hoping will work as well as I imagine.

Of course, included in this year’s planning is the AIPP State and National awards.  Last year was the first time we have entered, so to win silver in the State and be 1 point off Silver in the National we were really chuffed and are now eager to better this in 2015.

Hop on board with us and enjoy this year and all it brings!  We look forward to sharing the ride with you!

Meredith, James & Emily



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Colours of Autumn

Mad March in Adelaide is jam packed with activities for young and old, with the Fringe Festival, Clipsal 500, Adelaide  Cup and WOMAD… just to name a few.  But even more special, it is the beginning of Autumn… a season I love!
The nights let you know winter is on its way, while the afternoons have you spending time outside enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.  I particularly love Autumn for the colours!
The change in season brings beautiful oranges, bright yellows, warm reds and deep earthy browns! Contrast against lush green grass, autumn provides the perfect backdrop for a magical photo shoot.
Achieving a perfect family photo can be a challenge – I know this from experience with my own 4 cherubs! Quite often you will have one that is too tired, one that won’t sit still, one who won’t smile, one who’s hungry or one who’d rather play with toys.  With an outdoor shoot, this rarely happens.
We capture happy kids, playing, laughing, running, jumping and tiring themselves out for the final sit down with the family shot.  We love the fun of an outdoor autumn shoot and the results speak for themselves.
We would love to share the magic with you and your family – so Gigglepot Photography are offering Autumn mini sessions.

 Autumn Collage

Our mini sessions are relaxed, fun and a great way to capture your children loving life!
Gigglepot Photography Autumn Mini Sessions include the following:
– Sitting Fee
– Travel Fee
– Professional editing
– Online gallery
– Four 5×7 inch prints
– Two 8×10 inch prints
– One 20×24 inch print
– Ten Digital images
You get all this for our special autumn mini session price of $395.00.  All we need at the time of booking is a $50.00 deposit, with the balance due on the day of the shoot.
Autumn provides a small window of opportunity when it comes to spectacular colours, warm days and perfect light so book now to avoid disappointment.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Meredith xox




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