Toddler Photography by James and Meredith BakerWe suggest a time when they have had a good rest and feed beforehand so they are energised, bubbly and happy. We have toys to entertain and distract to get them smiling and have a quick photographer to capture them before they’re on the move out of the frame!

We are patient – we know toddlers have their own idea of what is fun, what they like to do and what’s important to them. We know they like the comfort of mum, dad or their siblings so we encourage you to sit near so they feel safe and quite often when they up and run towards your open arms it makes a truly remarkable photograph!

For boys we suggest denim for toddlers, either jeans, shorts or overalls with a plain white or coloured top or bright coloured shirt. Bare feet look best or socks. If they have siblings then matching colours looks great in photographs. Logos and bright patterns can distract so keep it simple.

For girls dresses, tutus, frilly skirts, glitter ballet shoes, headbands all look wonderful. Bright colours are great! Again – if they have siblings a matching colour theme is very effective.

We allow 30-60 minutes for toddler photoshoots.

Gigglepot Photoshop are based in Happy Valley, Adelaide, South Australia. Contact Us for more information.

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